GanaEight Coin - G8C launch party

GanaEight Coin - an innovative cryptocurrency meant for igaming

CasinoHawks attends a dazzling Japanese-themed launch party at Palazzo Parisio

GanaEight Coin or G8C, is a new cryptocurrency that is expected to be a real game changer, once introduced. The token was developed by the Japanese Ganapati Group, which in the online casino industry is well-known for its Japanese-themed video slots.

So what makes GanaEight Coin so special? The G8C token has been developed specifically for the online casino industry and can be used for betting and playing within its own platform. Therefore, players will not be required to exchange tokens for chips or to pay any fees. The G8C token will also be a new form of stabilization in the realm of cryptocurrency. It will have a stable value, providing investors with lower risk and greater certainty. This is an innovative approach within the iGaming industry.

The exclusive launch event of G8C was held in Malta on October 30th and was attended by a member of our team. The timing and location weren’t picked at random, but the event was strategically planned to be held during the Malta Blockchain Week. Malta has established itself as the ‘Blockchain Island’, home to all things blockchain. Events during the Malta Blockchain Week brought into the country some of the brightest personalities in the industry and many of them were present at the G8C launch event.

The launch party took place at the spectacular Palazzo Parisio, a 20th-century palace located in the heart of Naxxar. The event was held on the first floor of this magnificent building, inside the Landing, which is decorated with suits of armour and other military paraphernalia, the amazing Sala Lombarda where sake and fresh sushi were served, on the terrace overlooking the gardens, where the guests enjoyed an open bar, as well as inside the Ballroom, where the main event was held.

The whole event was very well-organized and was attended by 300 guests. The premiere included very interesting attractions, including various kinds of Japanese sake served in special bamboo cups, and delicious sushi prepared and served by real Japanese sushi chefs, who were flown in from Japan especially for this occasion. 

The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, also declared his full support for Ganapati Group’s initiative, recognising the launch of the token as a significant step for Malta in positioning itself as a world leader in technological innovation. He expressed his support for the project in a special video message he recorded for the occasion, which was played in front of all the guests.

One of the most amazing moments of the night was the mesmerizing performance of a real geisha who also flew especially for this event from Japan. The geisha and accompanying Japanese musicians who played traditional Japanese instruments performed in a stunning concert that transported guests to ancient Japan.

The event was followed by an after-party, held at the elegant Club TwentyTwo, on the top floor of the Portomaso skyscraper in St Julian’s, where the celebration continued until the early hours of the morning.

This unforgettable event attracted a lot of attention from both foreign industry and local media, effectively placing the Ganapati Group and G8C on the map of a new era of cryptocurrency. The success of the launch and the interest expressed by the G8C guests left a strong sense of anticipation for what the Ganapati Group will come up with in future.