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Eurovision 2018 betting odds - who's the favourite to win?

Important update: The Eurovision 2018 is now done and dusted - if you'd like to find odds, news and tips on the 2019 song contest, please visit our page dedicated to Eurovision 2019 betting odds.

The most prestigious European song contest is now right around the corner, and the excitement has picked up as the Eurovision rehearsals kicked off last Sunday in Lisbon. CasinoHawks was delighted to discover that a number of online betting sites are offering Eurovision 2018 betting odds on the Outright winner as well as other betting markets, and would like to introduce you to the best betting sites so that you can bet on the Eurovision with more confidence this year.

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What kind of Eurovision 2018 betting odds can I find?

The most common market for the Eurovision is the Outright Winner market. This means that you may bet on the country that will win the Eurovision song contest on the 12th of May 2018, with the possibility of backing any participating country. On the betting sites, you'll therefore find a list of countries, with the odds listed next to them, which normally features the site's 'favourite' at the top. This year, it seems that the favourite amongst online betting sites is Israel, represented by Netta's song Toy, followed by Norway and France.

A number of online betting sites are offering other betting markets on the Eurovision. You can now bet on the winner of both semi-finals, as well as on whether an entry will make it to the top 5. Unibet is also offering odds on the best finishing position, where bettors may predict which countries will end up head to head, and which of these two will win. From the screenshot below, you can see that those who set the odds at Unibet believe that Israel and Estonia will end up head to head, and that Israel will end up lifting the trophy this year!

Best Finishing Position Markets at Unibet


At the top of any Eurovision 2018 betting odds list, you'll find the least favourable odds, which means that you'll get the lowest return if you back that country. This is due to the fact that the betting site considers this country to be the most likely to win. Although backing the favourite might come with more chance of winning, backing a country which is found lower down on the list will yield bigger rewards if that country really does win. So if you've got a hunch about a particular country, it might be well worth taking the risk of backing it while the odds are in your favour.

CasinoHawks shall now introduce you to a few recommended betting sites that offer (or will soon be offering) Eurovision betting odds this 2018.

LeoVegas Eurovision betting odds 2018

LeoVegas operates a great betting site which also includes a TV&Novelty section. This year, the Eurovision betting odds at LeoVegas are already displayed on the website; all you need to do to view them is click on the link to LeoVegas casino below, head over to their Sports section, and search for Eurovision in the search box. The next few steps are easy; once you've logged into your account, you simply need to click on the odds, and input your stake in the betslip to place your bet! 

The favourite to win the Eurovision 2018 with LeoVegas this year is Israel, with odds currently set at 3.25. Below, we're also listing some of the odds currently available at LeoVegas, starting from the favourites, and including the Eurovision odds on England to win. Remember that you can always view the full list of Eurovision 2018 betting odds on the LeoVegas website.

  • Israel -  9/4 (3.25)
  • Norway - 5/1 (6.00)
  • France - 13/2 (7.50)
  • Estonia - 12/1 (13.00)
  • Bulgaria - 14/1(15.00)
  • UK - 150/1 (151.0)

Apart from the Outright Winner odds on the Eurovision, LeoVegas is also currently offering Eurovision semifinal odds as well as odds on whether or not a country will make it to the top 5, and odds on the Best Finishing position

Bet365 Eurovision betting odds 2018

This is another betting site which is already offering Eurovision betting odds for the 2018 contest! Israel is also the favourite here, followed by France and Australia! Bet365 has a great reputation for offering value odds across a range of markets, and placing your Eurovision bet is fairly straightforward. The best way to locate the odds is by heading over to the 'Specials' category under the betting section, and then view the Eurovision betting odds 2018. You can then choose the country you'd like to bet and fill in the betslip. Bet365 Eurovision Outright winner odds currently are as follows:

  • Israel - 9/4 (3.25)
  • Norway - 5/1 (6.00)
  • France - 11/2 (6.5)
  • Bulgaria - 10/1 (11.00)
  • Estonia - 12/1 (13.00)
  • UK - 150/1 (151.0)

Bet365 is also offering odds on the Eurovision semi-finals, as well as on the best country by region (Best Balkan Country, Top Baltic Country, Top Big Five Country, Top Nordic Country) and on the Top 10 and Top 4 finish.

Eurovision betting odds at Unibet

Another great and well-established online betting site, Unibet sportsbook is now offering Eurovision Outright Winner Odds, Eurovision semi-final odds and Eurovision Best Finishing Position Markets odds. The site also normally runs a number of promotions on Eurovision betting closer to the date, which is why we recommend stopping by to check out their offers regularly.

Current Eurovision odds at Unibet:

  • Israel - 9/4 (3.25)
  • Norway - 5/1 (6.00)
  • France - 13/2 (7.5)
  • Estonia - 12/1 (13.00)
  • Bulgaria - 14/1 (15.00)
  • UK - 150/1 (151.0)

Apart from Eurovision Outright Winner odds, Unibet is also offering odds on the two semi-finals, as well as on the Best Finishing Position (head to head).

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Eurovision betting tips by CasinoHawks

Although there's no knowing who will ultimately win the Eurovision this year, CasinoHawks has got a few tips for players to help them bet wisely:

Listen to all the songs: Even if you're not a music expert, listening to the entrants a number of times can give you a pretty good idea of who may win. If you listen twice or three times, you'll be able to identify those catchy songs, and will surely end up with a shorter list of likely winners than you've started out with! Another wise thing to do is to spend a few minutes researching the singers; if you find out that one of them has a great track record and has already won many prestigious contests, this might help you decide who you're going to back!

Compare Eurovision betting odds: If your mind is set on a particular contestant, we recommend checking out different betting sites to see which one will give you the highest return for that bet. This is fairly easy, even if you don't like making mathematical calculations: all you need to do is start filling up the betting slip with the same stake, and each site will calculate your potential return.

Do your homework early: All online betting sites have the right to change the odds at any time. However, the fixed odds you choose today will still remain valid for you. This is why, if you figure out who's likeliest to win before the online betting site does, you might end up with more favourable odds, because the site wouldn't have changed them yet!

Make multiple bets: If you notice that there are two or three contestants who stand out for the rest, than it might be worth backing more than one contestant and still get a return if any one of them wins! To do this we recommend shopping around and seeing which sites are offering the best odds, then placing bets with several sites on these two or three songs.

Bet on the top 5 - At Unibet, you may make a less risky bet by prediction whether or not a country will finish in the top 5. Although less favourable odds are offered on this market, it's a great bet to place on the Eurovision favourites!

Visit CasinoHawks for Eurovision betting updates and promotions!

If you intend to bet on the Eurovision in 2018, we invite you to visit our website often in the next days in order to be one of the first to learn about changes in Eurovision betting odds as well as about any promotions or offers that our recommended betting sites shall be running on Eurovision betting. In the meantime, make sure you put your headphones on to listen to the voices of Europe in order to start making your predictions!

£ 40 bonus on first deposit. New Customers Only. Minimum deposit £10. 35x wagering requirement applies. Bonus will expire 30 days after opt-in.