Russell Cane on England's prospects at the World Cup 2018!

Whether you're usually into football or not, we bet you still can't wait; we'll soon watch the English team perform in Russia, and of course, a lot of us are hoping that England will do well this year. We've spoken to Russell Cane, a fantasy football expert, to see what England's chances are realistically, and to get some betting tips related to England's performance during the World Cup 2018.

England is no favourite to win the World Cup, but according to Russell the team have a good chance of making it beyond the Group Stage. Russell shares some tips on the best bet types to place involving the English team, although at times he's not too optimistic! Watch our exclusive video below to get some advice from an expert before you head over to our World Cup odds section to place your bet on England!

Russell Cane's World Cup 2018 betting tips: England

Russell Cane on the England's prospects in the World Cup

Who is Fantasy Football Expert Russell Cane?

Russell began playing fantasy football in 1996, winning 23 national UK prizes on games such as the Telegraph, Sky Sports, The Sun and the Daily Mail. Prizes have ranged from a MacBook and four iPads to five-figure cash sums, regularly beating up to 750,000 other players. With over 20 successful years playing fantasy football, predicting how players and teams will perform has become second nature to Russell thanks to his attention to detail, research and his analysis of historic data and statistics.

Russell's success eventually led to a career in the fantasy sports industry after winning a European game in 2013. Russell has offered fantasy football tips and advice to the readers of a number of UK publications including the Independent, ITV, Huffington Post, Evening Standard and the Metro.