DinoLotto lottery review

New on the lottery scene, DinoLotto is an international lottery founded by PlayEuroLotto that comes with the possibility of winning huge prizes! The lottery is based on the Euromillions format, and has the same prize tiers and odds, but its fixed prizes may award even bigger payouts due to its counterpart's fluctuating jackpot. In this review we'll provide a good introduction to DinoLotto and its many advantages; keep reading to find out how you may participate in this lottery online through our recommended online lottery casinos!

DinoLotto lottery rules and odds

Just like in EuroMillions, when playing DinoLotto players need to pick 5 numbers from 1 to 50 as well as a pair of so-called 'Dino numbers' from 1 to 12. The lottery’s results are taken directly from the winning numbers in the EuroMillions draw, however there have been a few tweaks to distinguish DinoLotto from EuroMillions. There are typically bigger prizes in store for DinoLotto lucky winners, and the jackpot amount is fixed to a whopping €50 million – that’s equivalent to approximately £44.3 million! The lottery has 13 prize tiers, with the following odds and prizes:

                  Match                                           Odds                    Prize

  • 5 main numbers and 2 Dino numbers  1: 139, 838,160    €50 million
  • 5 main numbers and 1 Dino number    1: 6,991,908         €100,000
  • 5 main numbers                                        1:3,107,515          €50,000
  • 4 main numbers and 2 Dino numbers  1:621,503              €10,000
  • 4 main numbers and 1 Dino number    1:31,076                €1,000
  • 4 main Numbers                                        1:13,812               €150
  • 3 main numbers and 2 Dino numbers   1:13,812               €80
  • 3 main numbers and 1 Dino number      1:707                   €15
  • 3 main numbers                                          1: 314                  €12
  • 2 main numbers and 2 Dino numbers     1: 986                 €25
  • 2 main numbers and 1 Dino number       1:50                    €7
  • 1 main number and 2 Dino numbers       1:188                  €10
  • 2 main numbers                                           1: 22                   €5

Do you like the prospect of claiming one of the above prizes? Then buy your DinoLotto tickets online and you won't have to wait long for the next draw; DinoLotto draws are held every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 CET in Paris.

DinoLotto lottery highest win and ticket price

The jackpot amount in DinoLotto remains fixed at €50 million whether or not a player hits the jackpot. That’s more than the minimum $40 million jackpot amount of both Powerball and Mega Millions, the US’s biggest lotteries! This constant high is certainly one of the best features of this lottery, since it makes it pretty straightforward and guarantees that the first prize winner will be transformed into a multi-millionnaire overnight!

Tickets for DinoLotto cost only €2.75 per line, which is cheaper than EuroMillions.

How to start playing DinoLotto online

Playing DinoLotto lottery online is very easy. Players first need to register and open an account with an online lottery casino by clicking the links on this page. Then, all you need to do is head over to the casino’s lotteries section and select DinoLotto from the selection of lotteries available.

Filling a DinoLotto ticket is simple; you just need to click on the numbers of your choice (5 main numbers and 2 Dino numbers), or choose to randomize the numbers.

Buy DinoLotto tickets


Playing lottery online with our trusted online lottery casinos also comes with the possibility of selecting a duration or subscribing in order to bet on multiple draws. Once you’ve decided on your numbers and on the number of draws you’d like to participate in, you’ll be able to proceed to checkout and purchase the tickets using one of their supported payment methods. Winners will be notified after every draw, and the winnings will be added automatically to the player’s account. You don’t need to worry about losing your ticket if you play lottery online!

Where to play DinoLotto online

We suggest you play DinoLotto with a secure lottery site, where you may also take advantage of attractive casino bonuses and make sure you avoid lottery scams. If you play with one of the below casinos that we recommend, you’ll get a 100% cash-back guarantee on your first lottery ticket, which means you’ll get a risk-free ticket to start with!

£ 25 bonus on first deposit. New customers only. Min. £10 deposit. 40x wagering requirement on bonus + deposit amount. Max bet £5 per spin. Bonux expires after 14 days.

Boost your DinoLotto winnings with Boosterball

In order to step up the excitement while playing DinoLotto, online lottery sites allow you to play the Booster Ball, which can result in your winnings being multiplied. All you have to do is press the Boosterball button below every ticket to choose 3 numbers, and use the Boost’o’Meter slider to bet an amount from €1 to €10. If your chosen 3 numbers result in the DinoLotto draw, you win 1,000x your stake, which means a payout of between €1,000 and €10,000!

DinoLotto lottery – our conclusion

With prizes being typically bigger than its famous counterpart EuroMillions, and tickets sold for a cheaper price, it’s certainly worth trying your luck with DinoLotto. All of those playing EuroMillions should consider playing DinoLotto when the former’s jackpot goes below €50 million, in order to stand a chance of winning a higher jackpot, for the same odds! Enter for the next draw now through our recommended online lottery casinos and receive 100% back on your first ticket… unless you win of course!

£ 25 bonus on first deposit. New customers only. Min. £10 deposit. 40x wagering requirement on bonus + deposit amount. Max bet £5 per spin. Bonux expires after 14 days.