Casino terms – get to know the expressions

Casino terms – get to know them

Maybe you are already playing online a lot and have accounts opened in many different online casinos. In this case, you already became familiar with the casino terms like free spins, reload bonuses, house edge, game volatility, progressive jackpot and so on…

But it could be that many of our readers are only starting out playing online and need a better grip on what casino terminology means and don’t get confused when reading our review and playing different casino games. If that’s the case and you are new to the online casino world, we highly recommend first of all learning the language that the industry speaks and not feeling like you are in the jungle.

There are a lot of concepts and terms that will help you better understand how the casinos work and how to get the most benefits and choose the games that are better suit your taste, budget and playing style.

In this article, we will go through the most used casino terms and jargon that you will need to know and use on a daily basis. We wouldn’t call it the most comprehensive guide that has all the terms, but it’s the best compilation of the mainly used terminology that will certainly help you to get started.

If any terms, words and concepts that you would like to know more about are missing from this article, please do get in touch leaving a comment down below and we will be happy to extend the list for you!

Casino bonuses and freebies

Casino bonus – this a very generic term that refers to any bonus or special offer that casino gives to the players and it can come in all shapes and forms.

Welcome bonus – this is the first bonus that you will receive from a casino when you start playing. Different online casinos give different welcome bonuses starting from £100 and going up to £1,500 pounds. When choosing a casino try to get the best deal possible for your initial investment. Welcome bonus can come in a form of a package that includes 2, 3, or even 5 different welcome bonuses or just one basic bonus. Welcome bonus can also be a deposit and no-deposit bonus.

Deposit bonus – this is a bonus that matches your deposit in the casino with a percentage that casino gives you back to play with. The match can start from 25% and go up to 200% but as an average, the most common ones are 100% matching deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses are not always welcome bonuses as many casinos run a lot for different campaigns, and you can get a deposit bonus on a regular basis.

No-Deposit bonus – this is a type of welcome bonus when the casino is ready to give you some cash just for your registration details when you sign up and before you even deposit for the first time. It is a great bonus, which is unfortunately not very common, but if you see it, snatch it immediately.

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Free spins – this is a very popular type of bonus, when you don’t get the cash, but you can play slot games without paying anything and win real money. Most casinos give free spins on the super-famous Starburst slot, but free spins for other slots are available as well. Free spins most of the time will be given to you as a part of the welcome package and the range can be anywhere from 10 to 250 free spins. If you sign up for casino newsletter, you will also most probably get free spins for the slots that are being launched all the time.

Big spins – these are the same like free spins but of a higher value per spin typically starting from £1, whereas the standard free spins value is a few pennies or cents. You can get Big Spins here.

Reload bonus – reload bonus is a type of deposit bonus, which can be either regular at some casinos, that give you an opportunity to get it every week or every month. They can also be part of a random campaign and casino will inform you about them via email newsletters and SMS subscriptions.

Reload bonus on Mr Smith casino


Cash back – many online casinos are offering part of the money that you wager and play in form of a cash back. It can be a percentage of your lost money or a set amount per month, but we always recommend signing up for this kind of bonus as you get the most bang for your casino investment, since none of us can realistically be winning all the time.

Cash Drop – this is usually a type of casino promotion when there is a certain amount of cash that will be given to one lucky winner or shared between many players who achieved certain results in particular promotion. For example, £10,000 pounds will be shared between 50 players who made deposits not less than £30 pounds and were randomly drawn to be the winners. The rules for cash drops vary a lot, so make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions of such promotions.

Tournament - many casinos organise regular competitions or tournaments be it for slots, poker, or other types of games. Here you will get a chance to be the tournament winner if you complete certain challenges and get on the top of the leader board that shows the results for the best players. These tournaments most of the time require you to opt-in, which means you need to decide to participate and click a button or fill in a simple form to be in the tournament.

Loyalty Program – many casinos have their loyalty programs in place and award you loyalty point for your activity in the casino. The rules are always different but you can get the points for depositing, playing certain games, completing challenges and other types of casino actions.

Loyalty Points – are the point earned in the loyalty program, which can then be exchanged for gifts, merchandise, bonuses, free spins, cash, trips etc.

VIP Club – not all, but some casinos have their VIP-clubs and programs for players who deposit and play a lot. If you are someone who spends a lot of time and money at the casino, you will get a chance to enter the VIP-club and get exclusive offers, special customer treatment, invitations to events and trips and many other types of freebies.

Slot games terminology

Bonus Game – an additional secondary event in a slot game. It usually takes the player to a different screen, and if you win, you get awarded special prizes. Not all, but most slots do have some sort of a bonus game.

Credit or a coin - is a betting unit of the slot game. The money you spend on the game will be converted to coins.

Jackpot – the biggest payout that is possible on a certain slot game. You cannot win more than a jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot – a jackpot that increases in size as more and more people play the game. They can reach many millions and there are a lot of people who became millionaires thanks to progressive jackpot slots.

Biggest progressive jackpot on Mega Moolah slot


Maximum and minimum bet – the maximum and minimum amount of coins/cash that you can bet per spin or per payline. Some slots have much wider min and max bet range than the others.

Multi-line Game – a slot with more than one pay line. Most slots have 3 to 5 pay lines.

Multiplier – a slot feature that increases the size of a payout and it can be anywhere from two times to a few hundred times.

Pay Line – an imaginary horizontal line on which symbols appear to create the winning combinations.

Pay Table – is the grid that shows the payouts for different kinds of the winning symbol combinations.

Reels – reels are vertical barrels with symbols, that you spin to land the winning combinations.

RTP – or Return To Player is a percentage measurement that tells you much profit opportunity is set for the slot. An RTP of 94% means that the average amount that a player gets back is 94p per every invested £1. Remember that these are averages not for one player, but in general, so your particular investment can give you a jackpot which will end up in thousand of percents of RTP but a lot of players will lose money and get 0%.

House edge - is the opposite of RTP. If RTP of a slot is 95.3% than the house egde will be the remaining 4.7%

Scatter Symbol – symbol that gives a particular prize or activates a certain feature or bonus in a slot game.

Volatility or Variance – ratio of size to frequency of a game’s jackpots. In simple terms the higher the volatility the more you can win and more you can lose as it represents the greater risk. Low volatility slots are safer but also don’t give the biggest maximum wins to players.

Wild Symbol – a set symbol that can replace any other symbol in the game (usually apart from the scatter symbol) to help you create winning combinations of other symbols.

Wild symbols for Family Guy slot - play on Mr Green casino


Sticky Wild – it's a kind of wild symbol that will stay on the reels for a few spins and allow you to get better winning combinations.

Spreading Wild – is a wild symbol that can spread to other adjacent wheels.

Expanding Wild - a wild symbol that can expand to cover whole reels.

Re-spin - a feature in some slots that gives you extra free spins so you can play longer and spin more without paying extra.

General casino terms

Wagering – this is not our favourite term, but we all have to live with it. Wagering means that you have to play the money over and over a few times in order to finally cash out or withdraw them from the casinos. Generally, big bonuses from the casinos come with some hefty wagering requirements as well, which can be anywhere from x20 to x80 times.

Mobile casino – this term refers to either a responsive mobile version of a casino website or to a dedicated mobile app that you need to download from App Store or Google play Store.

Maria Casino mobile


Casino app – a dedicated program that has to downloaded on your mobile phone or tablet. They are mostly free and offer a more limited selection of games, but quite often give you a better navigation and extra mobile bonuses as well.

Opt-in - is an action that you need to take to participate in certain casino promotions, tournaments and campaigns. Read the terms and conditions to see if the opt-in is required. If yes, then all you need to do is click a button or fill in a very short form. It takes a few seconds but it’s worth it!