Get Blackjack Golden Chips at Bet365 casino

Get £10 in Golden Chips at Bet365

From 1st until 7th June 2017 Bet365 casino offers you a great opportunity to play Live Blackjack and win £10 in Golden Chips when you are lucky enough to be dealt a Lucky Card.

Choose one of the four eligible Live Blackjack tables at bet365. The casino will shuffle two Lucky Cards into each shoe on the tables listed below and if you get that Lucky Card, up to £10 in Golden Chips are yours. 

Eligible tables and the maximum amount of Golden Chips:

  • bet365 Premium Blackjack 1 - max. win £10 Golden Chips
  • bet365 Premium Blackjack 2 - max. win £10 Golden Chips
  • bet365 Premium Blackjack 3 - max. win £5 Golden Chips
  • bet365 Premium Blackjack 4 - max. win £5 Golden Chips

How to win

Click on the link below and head over to Bet365 website Live Casino page.


Play at the 4 eligible tables between 1st and 7th June 2017.

Get the Lucky Card and win £5 or £10 in Golden Chips. The amount varies depending on the table.

The number of Golden Chips bonuses is unlimited, so the more you play the more Golden Chips you can get!

How to use your Golden Chips

  • You can only use your Golden Chips when playing Live Blackjack. 
  • Golden Chips have to be used within two weeks after being credited.
  • Only 1 Golden Chip can be used per game and they are only accepted as initial bets.
  • Any further bets have to be real money. 
  • Real money and Golden Chips bets can't be placed on the same position. 
  • To withdraw Golden Chip Blackjack Lucky Card Bonus you need to wager the bonus amount 20 times.