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Artificial intelligence can help problem gambling

Problem gambling is still one of the major issues in online gaming. And while most of the reliable and trustworthy UK online casinos make a lot of effort to prevent and combat the problematic tendencies in some of their players, it's always great to get some extra help from the more advanced technologies. Kindred Group, the owner of some of our favourite casino brands such as Unibet and Maria Casino, recently conducted an investigation and a panel about the use of artificial intelligence (AL) for the players who might be developing the dangerous gambling addictions. 

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Kindred Futures Roundtable got together the AL technology pioneers, addiction psychologists and a team of responsible gambling experts.

Certain data and algorithms of artificial intelligence can be the key tools to help identify potentially addictive behaviours in players before they become real issues that could put a strain on the player's finances, personal relationship and even life. 

Artificial intelligence programs could observe, for example, what games a user likes to bet on, how often and how much. It is also capable of spotting such playing patterns as chasing losses, which is considered to be one the most dangerous forms of gambling practices that can lead to a lot of destruction. 

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Head of Kindred Futures Will Mace commented: «This was a fascinating discussion, bringing together experts from several different fields. The outcome was very encouraging – we agreed there was significant potential for an AI capability to bring together and analyse many data sources to give a much-improved ability to detect signs of a developing problem. We also agreed there was real value in doing this – both socially and commercially».

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